The Church Of The Christian Church

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A major institution in my culture would be the Christian church. My grandmother is a Pastor at a Christian church so this church is a part of my upbringing and cultural background. The Church makes people follow certain rules called commandments. Breaking a commandment is called a sin. When you sin in the Christian religion you are supposed to pray and repent and ask God for forgiveness. The bible and all the preachers and pastors will tell you that praying for repentance will not clear what you have done and that God will not give you certain blessings because you have sinned.
This institution of my culture functions similarly to the Azande and their witchcraft because they are both used to control society. The Author also states on page five hundred-fifty-five that, “Witchcraft is thought to be an actual physical property residing inside some individuals, who may themselves be unaware of their power.” I relate this statement to some of the Christian pastors and Christian churchgoers as well that get television shows because they claim that they met God in a dream or that they died and saw and talked to God before the paramedics or doctor revived them. Another way of similarity is that of how they control society with these institutions, the Christian church and the Azande use the institutions for their followers to act accordingly or get punished. For example the sinning and missing blessings in the Christian culture is similar to the Azande, where if you are believed to…
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