The Church Planter 's Role Essay

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Church planter’s role Church planters must develop some specific characteristics to complete basics tasks. 1. Active listening - “Active listening” is highly needed for evangelists and pastors. For example, Jesus didn’t preach to the Samaritan woman (John 4). In fact, she speaks four times as many words as Jesus does; He spends 80 percent of His time listening and understanding this woman- how she thinks, lives, and feels. Furthermore, Ford derives the theory out of the story; “Jesus took time to get inside her worldview and look at life through her pain- and shame-tinted glasses. Then, after He had listened to her, He was able to tailor His story to her worldview and her needs: she was thirsty and He was the living water”. 2. Evangelizing - “Getting into their world” is the base of reaching out anyone. Ford gives some practical tips in the light of Doug Schaupp’s t five-step process of evangelism: (1) Do what they do, (2) Enjoy and accept them, (3) Affirm what is good in their values, (4) Share the story of Jesus in their terms, (5) Invite them to follow Jesus in a way to which they can relate”. Hale explains about the ‘unchurched; who are they and why they stay away, also some approaches to reach them out. “The models of evangelization currently being employed by the churches in their new efforts to wrest the tide of disaffection cannot be evaluated before the results are in. some models, however, have been tested against their stated objectives”. 3. Great
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