The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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From this adversity the church and members have had a great impact on western civilization. Being a member myself, I can think of many different stories that have led me to believe that the early members of the church had a rough life. Anyone involved in the expansion westward who was willing to give up their safe lives in the east is a hero in my eyes. One great story that has stuck in my mind is the Mormon Battalion.
The Mormon Battalion was a group of 543 men who enlisted for the sake of saving their religious freedom. The Mormons had recently been chased out of Illinois and were going to embark on their search for religious freedom and peace. Brigham Young the new president of the church asked President James K. Polk for assistance to travel to the west . President Polk didn’t like the idea of granting them money to settle out of the United States territory. Luckily for the Mormons a man by the name of Thomas Kane came to their rescue. Thomas Kane had connections through his father to the president. He persuaded Polk to make the Mormon Battalion. He was easily persuaded because he feared that the Mormons would fight against them in the war. President Polk promised Young that if a battalion of 500 men were raised, he would offer them aid. To his dismay many of the Mormons felt as though this was a plot to disband the religion…
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