The Church 's Ministry On Teaching And Learning

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The church’s ministry on teaching and learning is simultaneously a simple and complex ministry. It is a ministry that is potentially misunderstood more often than it is understood in the life of a congregation. As the congregation struggles to combine secular life with spiritual practice, the vision for the teaching and learning ministry of the church can fall out of focus for those who feel called to this ministry’s vocations. To begin, I will define the teaching and learning ministry of the church as I understand it followed by an elaboration of its definition. Lastly, I will discuss a few implications of this ministry as it applies to a congregation.
The church’s ministry of teaching and learning is the collective discernment of the community, as loving people of God, which integrates and challenges the understanding of their presence as individuals in an ever deepening connection with God and their community of neighbors through various reflective methods and practices, which engage scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. This definition may appear simple if taken at its face value. However, upon further inspection its elements contain subtle meanings even multiple layers of meaning. Thus, further explanation of these elements is required and displayed herein.
The main element of this definition is community. Humanity, generally speaking, is social in nature which leads individuals to gather into groups of various sizes. These groups or communities can be…
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