The Church 's Vision For Education

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This topic is introduced with the following question
Why is it that we are involved in education at all?

The answer to this question seeks to enable our teachers and leaders to understand what they’re doing in terms of the education they are providing. We need to present a more theological vision for education.

Education is more than conditioning people to become efficient units of economic production which seems to be the prevailing narrative around education at the moment. The Christian values and practices are affected by the widespread of modern secular education. The occurrence results in the negative approach toward the Christian culture in which persons (young people especially) sees it less important to have a more energetic approach towards Christian education and practices. They are more gravitated to the idea of economic and social security, hence putting the science of men before God. (Secular vs Christian education)

The church’s vision for education should be one that emphasizes education as a route for understanding the ways of society ( the ways of man as to how to relate to them) first, whilst it serves as a means to economic sustenance for both the person and God’s kingdom like in the case of the prophet Daniel ( Daniel 1: 4 – 7; 17 ) . It is not how much the student knows, but what kind of person this kind of educational process produces. In genuine education, personal change (process) and personality development (product) are both…
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