The Cicadas Analysis

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The Cicadas Analysis By: Shane Bombardieri Poetry analysis: The Cicadas by Judith Wright Judith Wright was a political poet who concerned herself with many social issues which eventually became extremely personal to her. These issues manifested themselves in her poetry. She mixed words with deeds which explored the spiritual dimension of the Australian land. She believed that the role of the poet was that of a public figure with a responsibility for opposing the negative social forces and inhumane attitudes that degrade human life and the environment. Consequently nothing in Judith Wrights poems are inane or arbitrary, everything serves a specific purpose. The values that she concerns her poetry with are same values that she…show more content…
Wright refers to the nymphs, which are the wingless cicadas before they mature into their adult form, and describes them as having spent their entire life “crouched alone and dumb in patent ugliness enduring the humble dark.” Wright uses her extensive knowledge of the English language to create a paradox by using the word nymph, they are described as ugly, however the word has a double meaning and also refers to a minor nature goddess usually depicted as a beautiful maiden. This paradox could possibly serve the purpose of conveying that even the superficially ugly aspects of the natural world have a strong element of beauty if we are prepared to look for it. Due to her close affinity and love of nature Wright believes that every natural aspect of the world is beautiful, and no matter how aesthetically unpleasing they may be every living creature must be cherished and defended as they can not fend for themselves. The line “hanging on the trees blood dreamed vaguely the dreams of trees,” suggests the connection between flora and fauna. This connection is a primary belief of the aborigines and by mentioning this in her poem Wright subtlety foregrounds the cultural identity of the aborigines and grants them respect. Wright describes the life of
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