The Cider House Rules Directed By Lasse Hallstrom

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Fallible humans are undoubtedly susceptible to forming erroneous judgements or premature opinions, but it can always be fixed. The Cider House Rules directed by Lasse Hallström is a film replete with controversial issues still relevant to today, such as abortion, substance abuse, and morally-questionable sexual affairs. I once thought I had critical thinking down perfectly, yet my reactions to certain parts of the film proved otherwise. On the occasions which I stereotyped characters, made hasty conclusions, and followed double standards, I recognized numerous pitfalls within my own critical thinking. When I saw characters that I felt fit a specific category of people, I often inadvertently stereotyped them to act or be a certain way. Dr. Larch, whom is in charge of the deliveries and illegal abortions of babies in the orphanage, often abused ether to get high. Combining the fact that he performed illegal medical procedures, I immediately stereotyped him as unsympathetic, selfish, and neglectful drug abuser. Because I neglected the contingency of unaddressed factors, such as experiencing cognitive dissonance or stressing over the demands of his work, motivating him to behave the way he did, I felt as though my first impressions tend to be a bit harsh and inconsiderate. Another instance in which I stereotyped was when Homer first arrives at Wally Worthington’s house and family orchard, and it portrays naked black men showering outside. Without considering the time period and
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