The Cinderell Life Lessons

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Cinderella: Life Lessons
Folklore has been around for centuries. The purpose of a folklore, tales, or fable is to pass history and life lessons from one generation to another. Many of the stories that are told today are from different backgrounds and countries from China all the way back to the Native Americans. The stories that children hear today are about good and evil, and that life is not always fair but good things will happen in the end. They teach people how to handle the difficult things in life by making good choices in life regardless of the situation. The fairy tale Cinderella tells about death and despair, how to get through bad times, how to treat people, to be grateful for what you have, and that comfort and friendship can
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The way she viewed life was very different from how she was treated. She carried herself with “rare goodness and sweetness of temper, which she took from her mother” (Perrault, 236).
“What goes around comes around, do good and good will come to you” As stated in the previous paragraph, Cinderella was treated unfairly, but displays a positive attitude with everything she does. She stood out from the rest of the women to the prince because her attitude was above anything evil and unpleasant. She carried herself with poise and grace even though she wore rags. Material things were not important to her. She valued the little things in life. Cinderella even treated her sisters with civility giving them the best advice. Because she carried herself in this matter, help came to her in different forms and when she needed it the most. Her attitude brought her good in return. In Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s version of Cinderella, pigeons and turtle doves came to help her with chores and favored her so much that they made sure that the prince picked the right bride. In Walt Disney’s version, mice helped her with chores and the fairy godmother helped her get to the ball. In the Native American version, the prince’s sister helped her. In Anne Sexton’s version, a white dove helped her. In every version of the story, she received help with getting to the ball. She was described as the most beautiful person anyone has ever seen. The quotes “what goes around comes around” and “you reap
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