The Cipd Profession Map 2015

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The CIPD Profession Map Our Professional Standards Contents Introduction 2 The CIPD Profession Map 4–7 The design principles and architecture of the Profession Map 4 Bands and transitions 6 Professional areas 8–46 Professional area definitions 9 1 Insights, strategy and solutions 10 2 Leading HR 14 3 Organisation design 17 4 Organisation development 20 5 Resourcing and talent planning 23 6 Learning and development 26 7 Performance and reward 30 8 Employee engagement 33 9 Employee relations 36 39 10 Service delivery and information Behaviours 42–51 The Profession Map behaviours 43 Curious 44 Decisive thinker 45 Skilled…show more content…
McDonald’s INTRODUCTION How the CIPD Profession Map is used The Map is continuously informed by research and feedback from HR professionals and academics. In our recent refresh, we focused on reinforcing the idea of a more global mindset in the practitioner and to reflect the CIPD Next Generation HR research. Want to know more? BANDS AND TRANSITIONS The Map lays out the landscape as we know it now. As we continue to bank insight on the evolution of the profession, so we will continue to review and update the map. So you can rest assured that you will always have the latest thinking and standards for your profession at your fingertips. Have feedback or comment for the next refresh? If you or your colleagues have feedback or would like to comment on any aspect of the Map, please let us know. CORE PROFESSIONAL AREAS We are now gathering feedback and insight to inform the next refresh of the Map. We are actively seeking feedback and comment from organisations and individuals across the world. PROFESSIONAL AREAS BEHAVIOURS 3 Profession Map – Our Professional Standards V2.4 The CIPD Profession Map The design principles and architecture of the Profession Map The Profession Map was developed using the following design principles: • It describes what you need to do, what you need to know and how you need to do it within each professional area at four bands of professional competence. • It covers behaviours as
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