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The CIPD Professional Map: The CIPD Professional Map is used as a tool to assist the HR Professionals to adapt to future demands. The HR professionals need to be ready with the relevant skills to meet these demands. People from different backgrounds can enter the HR profession, So, the CIPD Professional Map set the original standards needed. The Map consists of three Key Elements: 1)Professional or Functional Areas: What you need to KNOW and what you need to DO within the HR profession. The Professional areas are split into 10 areas within the Map. Two of which are core Professional areas. - The Core Professional areas are:- • Insights, Strategy and Solutions: To ensure that the role as an HR professional is contributing in the organisational performance. This Professional area comes from deep understanding of all aspects of the organisation -resulting Insight- which at the end enable us, as an HR professionals, to create the HR Strategy. These Strategies that help the organisation to achieve its goals. • Leading HR: To be able, as an HR professional, to lead myself and others in order to contribute in the organisation performance. Our role as an HR professional is not only to facilitate and observe but also to lead ourselves, others and situations. - The specialist Professional areas: • Organisation design: Managing the organisational structure effectively and ensuring that the organisation goals are delivered through appropriate organisation design. The senior HR

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