The Circle By Dave Egger

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Discussion the process by which The Circle persuades people to give up their right of privacy
Dave Egger’s “The Circle” strongly attacks The silicon Valley Cult that advocates forgiving people’s right of privacy and absolute obedience with a story. In the novel, a woman called Mae is recruited by a tech firm called The Circle. In the company, Mae is encouraged and even commanded to sacrifice her right of privacy to subordinate to the overall interest of The Circle. The essay aims to reveal the how and to what extent does The Circle persuades its employees to give up their right of privacy. And then, the nature essence of this behavior of The Circle would be discussed. In fact, this behavior of The Circle is the ignorance of people’s privacy right and the reflection of “interest first”. What’s more, the advantages and disadvantages of The Circle’s deprivation of its employees’ privacy right to both of the firm and the people will be analyzed with several evidences in the novel.
The discussion of how and to what extent does The Circle persuade people to give up their privacy right

In Dave Egger’s novel “The Circle”, it narrates a real experience of a young woman called Mae in the tech corporation “The Circle”. When she firstly entered into The Circle, she was asked to show her data of her computer and her individual account password to the superior. As described in the novel, “It is astonishment to Mae. When Mae just sat down on her seat, she was commanded to…
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