The Circle Of Love By Timothy Keller

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In He that Is Three, We learn about You and Me. The Circle of Love Are you a part of the Circle of Love? Well do you want to be? What an enticing offer you might say. Well that is the invitation that God extends to the whole world. You see this Circle of Love was in existence before all and all was created from it. God chose to create in order to incorporate into His love circle. How marvelous is that? Our very existence at its core is to join the circle. Timothy Keller describes it as “a dance” (Kings Cross) that was taking place long before anything was, and now we can join the dance. In the Comedy film Meet the Parents, a family has this concept of a Circle of Trust. As its foundation, there is a close relationship and each person trust the next person. The Circle of Trust only works if each person in it does their part to maintain a trusting relationship. In the Triune God we see a similar concept; we see the Circle of Love. Like the Circle of Trust, The Circle of Love is all about relationship. God models the perfect relationship within Himself and puts it on display for all of creation to see. When you look at the world and how everything is dependent on something and has to be in relationship to exist you begin to see a reflection of its creator. God created everything with the idea of relationship in mind and every relationship leads back to Him. It is this fundamental element of relationship that makes the Triune God different from any monotheistic

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