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The Citadel In today's society, everyone has certain expectations in which to hold up to. Women, for example, are in most cases expected to hold up to a certain feminine "look". Children are expected to be obedient of their parents. Men are expected to be strong and always in control. They are anticipated to be the backbone of society, never unsure or unconfident. A man is often looked down on if he is seen crying or showing any type of "unmanly emotion". As a whole, the public does not realize that society has a tremendous impact on the actions of men. Because of these expectations held, men are forced to become the image that the world views as proper. Using James C. Scott's essay, Domination and the Arts of Resistance,…show more content…
Here, offstage, where subordinates may gather outside the intimidating gaze of power, a sharply dissonant political culture is possible. Slaves in the relative safety of their quarters can speak the words of anger, revenge, self-assertion that they must normally choke back when in the presence of the masters and mistresses (515). It is often difficult to maintain the image that the public transcript holds; therefore, a hidden text is necessary. This transcript becomes a sacred and treasured state for the men of the Citadel. Because this shelter that the cadets have created is so valued, a fear of outsiders sets in. A hidden transcript is only maintained among the subordinate members. If outsiders are allowed in, their hidden transcript and refuge is violated. This is why many cadets at the Citadel are brutal toward women. With the treat of female cadets entering the school, many of the male cadets were faced with the realization that their sanctuary could be exposed. This fear results in anger, harassment, and violence. Faludi's essay accounts for the harassment placed on Shannon Faulkner, the first woman admitted into the Citadel. Cadets expressed their fear and opposition by performing such acts as vandalizing her home. In an effort to preserve the status of their concealed transcript, the cadets stated: "Studies show—I can't cite them but studies show that males learn better when females aren't there. If a girl was here, I'd be

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