The City Of A Mid Size City

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The crosswalk in this city is typical of a mid-size city. Small businesses line the busy street, and with people eager to get to their destination, a combination of sights, sounds and smells unites to form this crosswalk. This city’s intersection is lively with the commonplace sights of businesses, people and vehicles. On a sunny and breezy afternoon, three Eastern and Western based businesses, on the far left, line up one after another vying for attention from potential patrons. In the middle, the sidewalk is filled with an array of people. At the forefront of the sidewalk there are three people that are on the edge of the crosswalk. To the left, a medium build, middle-aged white female with long black hair is about to cross the crosswalk. She is wearing black shoes, a black dress and a white short-sleeved blouse. Some people would refer to this as business casual. Around her neck is a lanyard that appears to be carrying an identification badge. She is holding a rolled-up, brown lunch bag in her left hand. While on her cell phone, she walks forward and looks downward as to shield her eyes. During her walk, her hair is grazed by the wind. In the middle of the sidewalk, a thin, elderly white man with a gray beard man is the focal point of the picture. He is wearing a brown fedora, thin-framed eyeglasses along with a brown coat, gray pants and black dress shoes. His eyes are gazing forward as if he just locked eyes with someone from afar. Coincidentally, his body
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