The City Of Baker Is Destroying Subdivisions And Commercial Properties

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The city of baker is compromised of subdivisions and commercial properties, but also has lowlands, woodlands, and farmland. It is a small town located north of Baton Rouge and east of Zachary, La. Baker is mostly a rural area and most of the resources are 5- 10 min drive away There are approximately 13,835 residents, 198 businesses and five industrial operations in the city limits. The city is compromised of 8.5 square miles and there are 225 miles of roadways within the city limits. The total population of Baker, according to Census 2013 is 13,862 people 6,364 being male and 7,498 being female. The demographic make-up of baker consists of 10,111 African American; 3,318 Caucasian; 244 Hispanic/Latino, and 237 residents having two or more races combined. The population that I am assessing is adolescent ages Baker has numerous health care facilities to offer that help clients holistically such as, mental health, optical/ audiology health, and other specialty areas. The closest hospital near the City of Baker is Lane Memorial Hospital, which is in Zachary, La. The distance of is approximately 6.3 miles and 11 minutes. Baker health care system does not offer a continuum of care resource for clients that may have anger issues or mental illness after they are discharged from a local hospital, which cause clients to regress and have decreased positive outcomes. In the adolescent population in Baker, La there is a great issue of violence in the community. Factors that can

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