The City Of Boston : A Case For Being Ranked An Alpha

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City Profile: Boston, MA To begin my essay, I would like to establish my argument for the city of Boston: I believe Boston has an excellent case for being ranked an Alpha - city; no more, no less. After doing extensive research, I have concluded that despite Boston’s relatively small size compared to other cities it is classified with, it deserves its spot as an Alpha - global city. For reference, some other notable cities it is classified with include Seoul, Buenos Aires, Washington, New Delhi, Prague, and Dublin. Boston is more of a global city than people give it credit for, and that is why I argue that Boston deserves its spot in the Alpha echelon of cities.
To begin, let’s eliminate the subsections of the GaWC rankings in which Boston does not reside. Alpha ++, Alpha +, and everything below Beta are easy eliminations. Boston is too big and too multifacted to consider being anything below Alpha. The upper Alphas are incredibly significant on the world scale, and consist of capital and primate cities with history and culture that Boston just can’t compete with. What’s left is the two subsections to immediately above and below Alpha -: Alpha and Beta +. This essay will explain why Boston doesn’t belong in these specific categories. I mentioned before that Boston’s population is significantly smaller than most of it’s global city counterparts; the city of Boston is home to about 650,000 inhabitants (the greater area is home to around four million). Not taking

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