The City Of Boston And A Center For Social And Technological Innovation

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Boston is one of America 's oldest metropolises and a center for social and technological innovation. Boston has worked to ensure that their residents receive the best possible municipal services, which is supported by a commitment to measuring performance against strategic priorities for all city departments.

Automated, fast, friendly, responsive service should become the new face of government to the public. The City of Boston has raised a “BAR” on creating a more livable, cleaner and safer city. Boston About Results (BAR) is the City’s performance metrics system that turns real-time data into measurable outcomes. The ultimate goal of Boston About Results (BAR) is to ensure that the people of Boston receive the best
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The innovation of City of Boston is on people, to help constituents connect with city.

Meanwhile, data sharing is a large part of Boston’s efforts to improve the quality of life for their residents. And the City of Boston eagers to improve BAR from a data collection effort to a citywide performance management system accessible in real-time from any device. Big data provides an unprecedented opportunity to deliver improved services. It is a good chance to analyze large data sets, find the value of data and tell the story of the City of Boston in new way.


Boston is a recognized leader in its innovative use of technology. In order to satisfy the demand of public engagement and citizen empowerment, Boston is improving public services and providing its citizens instant insight into the city’s performance with the help of the SAP Technology.

The City of Boston uses SAP technology for data analytics in three different ways. First, the city implemented SAP Strategy Management to track high-level strategies and goals. With SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions, the City of Boston connects day-to-day operations to their strategic goals. With SAP HANA, Boston finds the hidden stories in big data, to become a predictive and proactive government.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard

SAP also provides BAR with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard to give city officers an easier way to explore insights and test out future
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