The City Of Camden, New Jersey

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The city of Camden, New Jersey has been known as one of the greatest Industrial Powerhouses, and was one of the biggest Industrialization in America. Camden created some of the nation 's largest warships and helped start up the railroad industry. (City of Camden; Industrialization) These are just a couple of the many things that made Camden one of the most thriving cities in the United States back in the day. But, all things must come to an end as the saying goes, Camden that once was a successful industrial thriving city is now one of the worst areas to live in America today. Camden is ranked second on the list in the United States as one of the worst cities to live in. Camden has a violent crime rate of 87.02% and you have 1 in 11 chances of being a victim. Camden has been plagued by so many problems it is now known for its violence, drugs a failing economy, and many more. So, where did Camden go wrong? Will it ever be the city it once was again? As we all know, Camden today is plagued by many problems including gun violence, poverty, robberies, and other crimes such as arsons, assaults, rapes, homicides, and auto thefts. Statics show and prove that Camden New Jersey is one of the top most dangerous places to live in the United States in the world today. You 're probably thinking to yourself of how many annual crimes there is a year in the city of Camden. Camden has a total of 4,431 crimes per year, which is a humongous about. With having a crime rate of 87 per one
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