The City Of Chicago, Illinois

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The city of Chicago, Illinois has a total population of 2,695,598. The largest population out of my three cities, the population is composed of 31.7 percent non- Hispanic whites and the second largest contributor to the city’s total population is Non-Hispanic Blacks with 32.4 percent. Hispanic or Latinos consist of 28.9 percent of the population. I have chosen this city as an immigrant city due to the sheer numbers of Hispanic population. Another reason it was chosen as such, was because out of the 2,695,598 people there are 572,416 foreign born people and out of that total Hispanic origin people consist of 28.4 percent. This is not looking into the naturalized citizens and the non-citizen’s percentages of those who are foreign born, I realized that there is a minute differences in the percentage of males and female ratio. There was a minor population decline (-200,418) and this may have been the cause of Obama taking office and having deported 1.6 million people. This could have affected the populations well as other factors such as housing market decline and most likely individual preference of people. There seems to be a consistent pattern among all the cities to have more females than males that are naturalized, but there are more males than females that are Non-Citizens. All these foreign born people could be contributing to the city’s growth in unemployment at 8.5 percent it is among the highest of the three cities and could also contribute to the unemployment rates…
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