The City Of Detroit

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As a critic interacting with this “thing” I deduce that it reflects my values and aspirations as a designer because as stated in my ethos, it challenges the viewers to reflect and to act upon them. It allows for individuals to think about what object creates meaning in their lives by seeing examples provided by my work. The Heildberg project was created using artifacts that contributed to the history and value of the city of Detroit. My project also allows for individuals to explore their creativity and encourage a stronger connection of the community. The first of these two “things” was designed by me during the winter term of my second year at Concordia University, in response to an assignment for PK Langshaw’s 392 course. I devoted two months to it, from February to April of 2015. This was a group project in which I worked with Alexa Piotte, Francis Leclerc-Charron, Joey C. Gravel and Katherine Rudge. As a group, we were asked to create a product that we would sell at a fundraiser to raise money for the homeless. This product also had to reflect the ideas behind homelessness. The question raised on this issue was how can we as design students prevent people from simply ignoring the homeless? As a result, we wanted to create a pouch that would allow the users to think about the homeless and to help spread the word. For the second phase of our project, we wanted to volunteer and engage in a more interactive experience, involving the youths of our age. We decided to
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