The City Of Fremantle Is A Local Government Area

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The city of Fremantle is a local government area located in Western Australia. It has over 7000 residents. The city attract thousands of tourist every year, making it one the popular tourist destination in Western Australia. In this assignment, I will identify and discuss sites that are of values to me. As Stocker ( 2015) noted that one of the reasons we undertake sustainability mapping is to learn about the values of places. The term "value" drives many decision we make as individuals. As Watson ( 2005) identifies, values “capture the deeper motivations behind human behaviour, tendencies of thought and feelings – unconscious as well as conscious – and the intra-personal and interpersonal dynamics related to
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The system will also allow us to identify hotspots . Sustainability mapping is about identifying values sites that matters to you. As Stocker ( 2015) noted "our purpose in this mapping method is to provide a different or enriched way of seeing and understanding the world, our community, and our place in it" (as cited in lecture note 2015 ). For example, what values do you attach to South beach in Fremantle as an individual? Values are based on experience and connection to a place. In our sustainability mapping process we identify four layers and a hotspot.
Social layer
Fremantle Hospital is a public hospital situated in central Fremantle that provides services to many residents in living in the south. Fremantle Hospital is an important site for me, because my son was born there. Every time we see the site, it reflects our experience of having a first child in that area. Based on this, my family has attached so much value to the site. More importantly, the site has both economic and social values, for example, it provides jobs for many people. Unfortunately, it has poor ecological feature. Therefore, I propose having a garden on its roof. This will not only add ecological value to the site, but also provide foods for staff and patients in the hospital. This will help make the place ecological friendly.
Ecological site
South Beach is one the important sites identified in this
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