The City Of Fremantle Is A Local Government Area

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The city of Fremantle is a local government area located in Western Australia. It has over 7000 residents. The city attract thousands of tourist every year, making it one the popular tourist destination in Western Australia. In this assignment, I will identify and discuss sites that are of values to me. As Stocker ( 2015) noted that one of the reasons we undertake sustainability mapping is to learn about the values of places. The term "value" drives many decision we make as individuals. As Watson ( 2005) identifies, values “capture the deeper motivations behind human behaviour, tendencies of thought and feelings – unconscious as well as conscious – and the intra-personal and interpersonal dynamics related to them”. While values are largely developed in response to our experiences in our younger years, they are not immutable, and can be shaped both by significant personal experiences and by external events (Lambert1, 2010). Increasingly, most local governments are using sustainability mapping to bring people together to plan and protect natural resources and sustainable places within their local community.
This assignment gives students the opportunity to understand and identify sustainable areas in their local community. It also allow us to think about how these valuable places sustain us and how can we sustain them. For example how can we sustain Fremantle hospital given its social and economic values in the area. Using Google Earth, I will…
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