The City Of Glass By Tara Brach

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“There is so much division in this world. So what is really the path of healing? It can begin in this moment, by embracing the life that’s here,” Tara Brach. In the book The City of Glass, the movie Divergent, and in today 's society, people are told that they do not fit into a group and are forced to life on the outside.

The City of Glass shows the main dystopian element of division of people into groups or castes. When Clary travels to Idris, the home of Shadowhunters, she quickly sees the separation. Luke, Clary’s step-father who is a Downworlder, gives her a traditional Shadowhunter coat, “You know how they treat outsiders. Anything you can do to fit in”(10). Luke speaks from experience. He was once a Shadowhunter before he became a Downworlder. Now he is frowned upon in the city, and does not want the same for Clary. One character who supports dividing people into castes or groups is Valentine. He is Clary’s real father and is threatening Shadowhunters with war. When the Shadowhunters need help Luke suggests for them to team up with the Downworlders and put them on the Council, which is their form of government. “Without the promise of seats on the Council, my people won’t fight. They don’t have to love it. They just have to like it better than they like the idea of suicide”(340). Downworlders have never been part of the Shadowhunters community, let alone their government. They have to put aside their differences in order to defend themselves, and fight a common enemy.

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