The City Of Greater Shepparton

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City of Greater Shepparton is situated 191 km away from Melbourne and in Northern Victoria it is a large city. The population is about 230,000 with major industry, hence providing employment and service. Therefore agriculture is a favourable and major production area. It is forecasted agriculture will play a significant role in the development and growth of northern Victoria. Recent years the region was affected with a range of challenge in drought, flood, and implementation of Murray Darling Basin Plan. Although the region has faced difficulties there has been continues growth across all major industries. As it is located in the centrally location, with affordable real estate, extensive business opportunity. It has been one of the exponentially growing region. An outstanding opportunity to reform Greater Shepparton into Central Business district (CBD) into a modern, lively and desirable for everyone to lie. For achieve Greater Shepparton City Council has recommended a coordinated program of improvements known as the Shepparton CBD Revitalisation Project. The Shepparton CBD Revitalisation Project has three key infrastructure projects as follows:
1. Vaughan Street and Maud Street Redevelopment There are four sub projects in Vaughan Street and Maude Street Redevelopment. In December 2013 the first sub-project was completed. It mainly concentrated on the Vaughan Street – Corio Street to Maude Street Improvements. The other
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