The City Of Huron Public Works

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The city of Huron public works has been evaluated through a QSPM matrix to come up with several strategies that would be effective to the organization. A QSMP matrix is “an analytical technique designed to determine the relative attractiveness of feasible alternative actions. This technique comprises Stage 3 of the strategy-formulation analytical framework; it objectively indicates which alternative strategies are best” (David, David pg. 378). There were many strategies tested in the QSPM matrix to come up with the top two strategies, which are building a new water treatment plant or remodeling the current water treatment plant. In order to decide which strategy was best fitted both of the strategies were put into an EFE and an IFE matrix. The outcome of an EFE and IFE matrix, SWOT analysis, and QSPM matrix, will determine which strategy will be best to implemented for the City of Huron. The city of Huron public works department focuses more on the water treatment plant than any other part of the city. The water treatment plant is over 45 years old; the plant constructed was in 1970. The city of Huron has not spent the amount of money that is necessary to keep the water treatment plant up to date. The plant has several rusted pipes, which can and have been bursting and leaking a lot of water. The population of the city of Huron went up 8% from 2013 to 2014, which means that there is going to be more at least 8% more consumption or use of water. When the water treatment…
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