The City Of Key Biscayne

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A city that is known for its diverse culture, up and coming neighborhoods, and eye-catching building designs, should believe to have everything. In the city of Key Biscayne, a place that caters to the public that incorporates physical activities into their lives, and has a way to enjoy doing it at the same time is nonexistent. If inspirations that come from past designers, one specifically who has unique design characteristics, architectural landmarks, built to give visual opinions, and surrounding elements, that may be viewed various ways, is combined, it should transform into a design that can capture the traits and ideas of each aspect. By adapting to existing structure, and reinventing its design, it will allow recreating a vision and…show more content…
“The museum has changed people’s perception of museums, about the connections between art, architecture, and collecting.” (Freshome). Admiring the Architect, Frank O. Gehry, and how he would not just design, but how he would blend previous designs with his own and create a building made his work unforgettable. Taking a design that was once used for events, now abandoned and derelict, and reinventing its potential to be used by all to enrich their lives and provide a social and content atmosphere is a goal of attaining. It will be something extraordinary to redesign a building and mix existing features to make a new design that everyone can appreciate. “Instead of downplaying the 110-year-old building, S&T made enthusiastic use of the old timber floors, brick walls and open trusses, celebrating heritage alongside contemporary design.” (Arch Daily). No matter what materials, space, or structure is being used within a design, in the end, it is always about the creativity for its achievement. “Creativity is about play and a kind of willingness to go with your intuition. It’s crucial for an artist. If you know where you are going and what you are going to do, why do it?” (Freshome). Capturing memories and expressing them into a design that tells a story that has never been told is what makes this project, inimitable; it cannot be special if it was heard or seen before. Everyone has a way of
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