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Green roofs
Instead of paying money to go up into the shard or go up in the London eye I chose to go to the Keyworth building on the top floor just to have a look at the roofs from the Keyworth building you can see half of London from the top floor

What better way to look at roofs I went on the top floor of Keyworth building

The city of London has a bleak expanse of flat roofs covered in bitumen, thermoplastics and synthetic rubber. As its skyscrapers grow, more and more people will see and dislike this sterile wasteland. The popular alternative to the sterile roof is the sedum roof, which new buildings often have. Since they are cheap and light, most of the city’s flat roofs could be treated in this way. The sedum is a plant with an amazing tolerance extreme draught, hence its common name: stone crop: the plant which crops when sitting around stones. Sedum roofs are good for bees, spiders, managing rain water, insulation, and very good for protecting waterproof membranes from sunlight. But there are two problems: they cannot be used by humans and they make only a small contribution to biodiversity.
Grass, long or short, is another alternative to the sterile roof. Although grass roofs cost more than sedum roofs, they are better for sustainability and much better for people.
However, London could and should have an even better roofscape. It is already the world’s financial capital; it could become the world’s roof garden capital. The English love gardens and views,
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