The City Of Los Angeles

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Contextualizing history is heavily intertwined with the development and shaping of Los Angeles as a whole. Los Angeles has always been deemed to be one of the hardest cities to develop in being one of the greatest cities in the world. This comes as a result of all of the history behind the buildings in the city. In addition, many of the buildings in the great city (both historical structures and regular buildings) are being renovated and reshaped to keep up with modern trends. Throughout the course of the growth of the city of Los Angeles, the city has seen a lot of growth in terms of infrastructure and population. There has been a recent growth in the popularity and demand for mixed use development. Mixed use development is a very hot trend in real estate and has many dimensions of planning involved. Zoning is a big part of getting started with planning and development because without the right zoning you may not be able to do some of the things you plan to do. When learning about the history of a site and planning for the future there are a lot of key factors that come into play. Considering how long ago the site had been built, reshaped, or remodeled are important aspects of the planning phase in a project. Furthermore, planning has played a role in the work that my family has done with real estate and proves to be a key part in dealing with any property. My family purchased a mixed use piece of land that they believed can fulfill their dream that they always had. They

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