The City Of Los Angeles

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Contextualizing history is heavily intertwined with the development and shaping of Los Angeles as a whole. Los Angeles has always been deemed to be one of the hardest cities to develop in being one of the greatest cities in the world. This comes as a result of all of the history behind the buildings in the city. In addition, many of the buildings in the great city (both historical structures and regular buildings) are being renovated and reshaped to keep up with modern trends. Throughout the course of the growth of the city of Los Angeles, the city has seen a lot of growth in terms of infrastructure and population. There has been a recent growth in the popularity and demand for mixed use development. Mixed use development is a very hot…show more content…
When looking into the history of the building and the surrounding buildings to find out the past they noticed that the property right next door had historical value. This meant it could not be broken down at any point in the future. The land already had specific zoning and ordinances that did not allow them to build the mixed use type of building that they wanted. They then looked to get the zoning changed from a C-2 zoning to a C-3 zoning, which would then allow them to be able to build what they were hoping to build. A C-2 zoning better known as a neighborhood business, permits the uses of C-1 zoning uses, rentals, outdoor advertising, and the building of different forms of shops. The major difference between these zonings is the maximum height limit allowed for the owners of the properties to build. With a C-2 zoning, the maximum height limit for the building is thirty-five feet, or as provided in community standards district. On the other hand, a C-3 zoning allows the height limit to be thirteen times the buildable area (except as otherwise provided in community standards). This distinction in zonings made it imperative for my family to be able to get their zoning change passed for their project. After speaking with the city about this and filing certain motions to change the zoning, the city requested the creation of residential space instead of
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