The City Of Macon County

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Bibb County, in central Georgia, was formed December 9, 1822. Geologically, Bibb County is located on the fall line where the southern Piedmont meets the Coastal Plain. Before the arrival of European settlers, the area had been a center of a series of Native American civilizations. The county sits on 249.76 square miles of land and there are approximately 622 people per square mile.
Robert Reichert is the mayor of the city of Macon which is a part of Bibb currently governed by a five member County Commission, with four commissioners elected from individual districts in the county and a chairman elected countywide. A chief administrative officer is appointed by the commission runs the daily affairs of the government.
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The mean travel to work time is 20.5 minutes.
There are about 57,000 households in the county with a home ownership rate of 55% and almost 70,000 housing units. The average household income is $21,443 per year (as per 2012 data) and 23.5% of the population lives below the national poverty level. Economic activities in Bibb include commerce, with private nonfarm employment making up a big percentage. There are agriculture and manufacturers for shipments.
Type of budget the Georgia city operates
A Balanced Master Budget- a balanced budget, income usually equals or exceeds spending. Deficits from one financial year cannot be carried over to the next. This is a common practice with much of the balancing of the budget at state level is assigned to general funds and not specific projects.
The city’s major revenue sources i.e. taxes, fines and fees and more
Bibb County Revenue Sources mainly include property tax, local option sales Tax, Insurance Premium Tax, intergovernmental Revenues, Fund Balance Applications, Fines and forfeits revenues. All these revenues are as discussed below:
First of all, Property Taxes, Revenues and Interests are worth-based taxes paid on various types of property (e.g. residential and commercial real estate, motor vehicles, farm machinery, etc.). The body charged with tax collection is responsible for taxing authority appraises the
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