The City Of New York

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The City of New York’s population is just under 8,500,000. It is one of the most populated and crowded cities in the United States, so obviously this would be one of the last place someone would want to be lost. Being in such a huge city is already genuinely overwhelming for someone from South Dakota. As a family, we had already been to Chicago, a larger city. We thought we would have a pretty good handle on how to navigate through so many people. As it turns out, we were much too confident for our own good. My brother Adam lives in New York as a doctor with his wife Cydney. My parents thought it would be good for me to have one last adventure before I went off to college the next fall, so what better place to go than New York? I was so excited to go, since all of my friends had already gone. They told me what a wonderful and magical time they had there. I had been planning outfits for months. To be honest, I was almost to the point of obsession with the idea of New York. It was the city. But after finally sorting through my clothes and picking out only what I absolutely needed, we packed enough to last us the entire week. Of course we had to be careful not to bring too much, so they do not charge us extra at the airport for a bag weighing too much. My dad is always very conservative on trips to save as much money as we can. He books the cheapest flights, reserves the cheapest restaurants, and finds the cheapest train tickets, so we have more spending money to do other

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