The City Of New York

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The City of New York has historical sites like no other city in the United States. A majority of the historical sites in New York have political relevance that we don’t appreciate although we pass by them every day. The Federal Hall National Memorial, located at 26 Wall Street in Manhattan one of the most important historical sites in our city. It is where the foundation of our government was created. . Our first President of the United States, George Washington, was sworn in at Federal Hall in 1789. In the early years of our nation, Federal Hall served a variety of purposes such as organizing the first House of Representatives, enacting the Federal Judiciary along with the creation of the Supreme Court, Congressional approval of the Bill of Rights, and establishment of the first U.S. Customs House. These historic and monumental events in American history took place in Federal Hall making it known as the birthplace of American politics. All of these events took place in Federal Hall in 1789. Constructed in 1699, Federal Hall originally served the purpose of being New York 's City Hall. Before City Hall became Federal Hall, there was an important trial in American history that took place there. John Peter Zenger was a German immigrant who printed a news publication called The New York Weekly Journal. This publication accused the government of tampering with elections and allowing the French people to travel around the New York harbor. Zenger was charged with libel, or

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