The City Of Orlando Florida

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Since the humble beginnings of the American industrial revolution, the urban city has been the pinnacle of rapid development and robust growth. Despite the efforts of notable city planners such as Sir Ebenezer Howard, Peter Calthorpe and Andres Duany the potential of true sustainable development has not been realized by the majority of urban cities. The inevitable question asserts how cities can continue growth and development while corroborating the triple bottom line as a framework for virtually every city. The urban city by modern definition is characterized by a broken community structure, dangerous high density, and a lack of sustainable design. The city of Orlando Florida is a quintessential example of a city designed not on…show more content…
Education At the foundation of every issue in the broad scope of sustainability is a fundamental lack of proper environmental education as an individual, which ultimately permeates into all of society. The education referred to here is not simply the standardized tests, memorizing and essays of the modern day classroom but the education, which takes place at home. As children, there is a universal myth that has been passed down since the golden age of the industrial revolution. This idea of the American dream informs virtually every decision Americans make and how society is structured. Simply put: “Get an education, get a Job, have children, acquire wealth, capital and leave a legacy before you die.” The fundamental problem with this is that there is no mention of our most basic responsibility, as environmental stewards. In short this anthropocentric paradigm acts a rearguard for sustainable development and begins as early as the conception of language in a child’s life. Over the course of the next 15 years there are very simple yet, crucial strategies that must be in place to amend not the foundational goals of America or the American dream but rather, the means of achieving it. This calls first for a new approach to the environmental movement: disregard everything that has been labeled and stigmatized as environmentalism. Instead the education infrastructure must be replaced with the institution of logic and respect for
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