The City Of Red Deer

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Introduction and Summary The City of Red Deer will be upgrading their existing content management system, TerminalFour SiteManager, from version 7.4 to version 8. Version 8 is substantially different from version 7; it will require a newer operating system and a newer version of SQL server among other resources. Microsoft Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 have been selected as the operating system and relational database management system for the upgrade, respectively. To support and maintain the existing environment the new version will be deployed on a development server independent of the existing architecture. The external website,, and the internal site,, will be migrated onto the new…show more content…
The City of Red Deer has a moderately complex website architecture that will need to be thoroughly investigated and tested to ensure it is still functioning properly with version 8 of SiteManager. The City of Red Deer makes use of VB.NET applications and generally uses a Code only template in the content management system to make use of the VB.NET user controls (.ascx). The city also has additional components that fall outside of the CMS/user control, the most prominent being the domain that will need to be tested for integration with the new version of TerminalFour SiteManager v8. Once the new server and website architecture are exposed the new features in v8 of SiteManager will need to be explored. V8 was heavily re-designed with responsiveness in mind which will need to be evaluated and documented; v8 has also added extensive ability to measure & engage users as well as a multitude of other enhancement and new features. Up-and-Running with v8 With the substantial changes to TerminalFour SiteManager v8.0 (T4v8) the City of Red Deer (CoRD) has determined that an additional development environment will need to be established to test the new version and train a small set of users on before fulling implementing the new version. This section will focus on getting those
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