The City Of Saint Paul Called Washington Technology Magnet School

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Over a millennium, women and men sports have never been viewed the same. When sports were first originated it was only meant for men to compete. During this time, women were forbidden to compete. Woman were always underestimated or never taken for serious. Even to this day women sports are still being seen the same way, especially in high school sports. One school in particular that will be focused on in this paper is in the city of Saint Paul called Washington Technology Magnet School. This school is a victim just like many other schools out there that women 's sports are not getting enough fundings compared to the men 's programs they have because woman sports are being considered inferior. One way to solve this problem, in this…show more content…
With these numbers of schools that participate a lot of woman sports teams are not getting the equal treatment they deserve. In 1972 the Congress passed an Educational Amendment stating that all federally funded schools should not discriminate anybody by gender from playing sports. (History of Title IX. 2011, September 13). The title 9 was made to give equality to all participants who are playing for a school. Mainly for girls who were discriminated from playing sports. U.S Secretary of Education, Rod Paige said “Without a doubt, Title IX has opened the doors of opportunity for generations of women and girls to compete, to achieve, and to pursue their American Dreams. This Administration is committed to building on those successes.” (United States. Department of Education; United States. Secretary of Education 's Commission on Opportunity in Athletics, 2003, 2) Even though this law has been passed and has ensure equality to a lot of woman out there, there is still a handful of high schools that break this law. Torrey Pines High School had a women 's basketball team that went undefeated in the year of 2013. But it still showed that the boys games had more fundings than the girls team. The bleachers would be close to full every game, even though the boys team at this high school didn’t have a great season like the women 's team for this school. According to this
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