The City Repair Project Becomes A Nonprofit Organization

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1. City Repair | Portland, Oregon
According to the, this program is still ongoing, and the City Repair Project becomes a nonprofit organizations. The organization tries to add some more other placemaking programs, such as VBC 16 (Village Building Convergence 16) in order to keep the freshness and enthusiasms of people, and encourage them to participate into making the city better (, n.p.) . I think this is very interesting because now, they create this event and let more people to talk about their ideas of placemaking in order to discover some new ways of engaging the community, and it allows those people who have great ideas to show their thoughts and make it come true.

2. Walk [Your City] | Raleigh, North
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It is so amazing that after those place makers change the city, and people notice the positive changes of the city, they want those teams to do more projects because people see the power of placemaking.

4. Park(ing) Day | San Francisco, California
According to, the Park(ing) Day annually event is still celebrating by the people, and the 2015 event was on September. Even though the project started ten years ago, people still have the passion at making the city better and it becomes a traditional event for San Francisco, and inspired other cities too (, n.p.) . In my opinion, this is a great way of reducing traffic, since the parking lots are taken by people and it becomes a place for hanging out with friends, relaxing with families. It is very fascinating that this event is celebrated by people every single year.

5. New York City Plaza Program | New York City
According to, by opening these plazas, it actually reduces the crimes and making the neighborhood feel safe to going out and relaxing at the plazas (Kimmelman, n.p.) . The truth of this project helps people be more willing to go out and stay at the plazas is great, and it really helps the community to rebuild their image and make it a safe place that people want to be there and spend their leisure at there.

From those researches, it is easy to figure out that all those above projects are still going
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