The City That Become Safe

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In this paper I will discuss and explain anatomy of a crime decline in New York City as well as if in these days can we say that the city is safe. Purpose of this book " The City That Become Safe " written by Franklin E. Zimring is to show us how crime rate changed during 1990 to 2009. According to author this book presents a detailed profile of New York City crime over 20 years period. Book provides the vital statistics of the crime drop by type of crime, by borough, and by year. There are two reasons that such exhaustive detail is required as a beginning to the study. First, the size and the length of the drop are without precedent in the recorded history of American urban crime. The second reason that the details of the crime decline are needed is as a road map for explaining what changes in the city and its government might have caused this epic decline. The more we know about the specific character of the decline- when it happened, where it happened, which offenses- the better our capacity for sorting through different theories of what caused the drop. In addition, shifts the focus from the two decades of the decline to an assessment of current conditions in the city. How safe is New York City?.
The mission of this book is to provide a statistical profile of the notable crime decline that started in New York City in the early 1990s and has further well past the of a new century. " The first portion of analysis will focus on three important features of the official
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