The City in the Sea by Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe would often unite elements of dreadfulness, love, and imagined aspects in his poems settings to help produce a Gothic atmosphere within his pieces. As illustrated by Poe in ”The City in the Sea" the setting takes place in an isolated city in the distant west that has no clear origins or particular placement in reality, therefore contributing a dreamy but dreary with a hint of gloomy feeling to the poem. Alternatively, "The Raven" uses the setting of a monotonous room at night, whereas the shadowy corridor outside the room and the rustling of curtains suggest the presence of a paranormal or supernatural entity in the chamber. Poe establishes the scenery as a mood that is receptive to the tensions of horror and fear within his works. “The City in the Sea” Poe expresses his views about a city in the west that is ran by Death. For instance Poe states “While from a proud tower in the town, Death looks gigantically down.”(28, 29).This tells the reader that death is ruling the city. In this piece by Poe the poem depicts death and presents it in an unorthodox way. It is viewed as a god that watches over a magnificent, peaceful city in the far west. The city is massive and godly as Poe states “Domes and spires and kingly halls, and fanes and Babylon like walls.” (17, 18). Poe says the city is in the west because sun sets in the west, this has traditionally been associated with death. At the conclusion of the poem Poe suggest that something isn’t right as he speaks of
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