The City of Buffalo

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Home On the outside it is just another place, but this is where it has all started. Thousands of people call this home. The horrific weather, amazing food, architecture and number of people makes this place home. This city of Buffalo was known as the “Queen City” because of its beautiful lakes. This was a city to see during the early 1800s and late 1900s also known as the booming time, when the city all started to develop it took quite a time to have it the way it is today. The history behind it all started with the incredible transportation systems such as the railroads and the Erie Canal. Industries such as grain, coal, and lumber exports have dominated this area. The industry brings all different people there to work together and to move grain, coal, and lumber to other areas. This has brought thousands of jobs to Buffalo and those jobs created even more jobs. It’s difficult to believe that such a city like ours is capable of being one of the cities to have created America. In todays day Buffalo may not be as fantastic as it was in the 1800-1900s but it has come a long way. If someone has the time to learn and experience how wonderful this city really is they should, it’s unbelieveable how much Buffalo has been through and how many accomplishments it has done. The beautiful city as we know it wasn’t actually a city for a long time. The area was found by Joseph Ellicott in 1801; who at the time was an agent for the Holland Land company. Josephs new land became a
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