The City of Ember and Nazi Germany: Two Great Things that Came to an End

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Perfect societies, some last for a while and some don't, but all great things come to an end, and these did. Could you imagine something so put together fall in an instant? Well here you will learn about this."Perfect" societies fall for many reasons; corrupt leaders, Scarce Resources, and illnesses. Here, There are two Great societies, The City of Ember and Nazi germany, They both fell or will fall. And this is in the result of those three things. There are many reasons politically why societies fall, but we will be focusing on Corrupt leaders.In my first society, which is my Dystopian Novel,The City Of Ember. In my book the mayor was corrupt and kept secrets from everyone.“ “So first mayor will pass the box to the next mayor, and that one to the next, and so on down through the years, all of them keeping it secret, all that time?” “ (The City Of Ember, Pg 2) They are keeping information away from everyone and is not ever releasing unless they break the rules. In my second society, which was real and not fictional/dystopian, We will be talking about adolf hitler and how was a corrupt leader and did whatever he could to get whatever he wanted really. “During this era, the leaders of this society and their collaborators killed nearly two out of every three "minorities" as part of the "Final Solution."” he ruined people's lives, family, and the whole society. There were different ways I could have approached this, by using my opinion and saying that adolf hitler was

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