The Civil Era Of Jim Crow Laws, Segregation And Racial Prejudice

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The Help takes place in Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960s, the era of Jim Crow Laws, segregation and racial prejudice. The movie features three main characters which drive the action of the movie— Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter.
Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan is the aspiring journalist of a wealthy, white, Southern family. Skeeter is a well-educated college graduate who becomes an outcast due to her interest in journalism and opposing social views. She becomes fixated on an idea to write a novel specifically on colored maids. In order to do this, she teams up with Abileen and Minny, two colored maids, to help her better understand their experiences as a colored woman in the South. Eugenia, being the daughter of a wealthy,
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She is a free speaker in which she exhibits her hatred for white people and the way they treat people of color. Minny suffers a great deal of hardship throughout the movie but by the end she is able to change her views, turn her life around and grow as in individual. Minny is an individual who is struggling against society because she is expected to be obedient and quite but she is neither. She is always speaking her mind which is usually about the social injustices she experiences on a day to day basis. This leads to her conflict with Hilly Holbrook who has a more social standing in her community. She is considered the movies dynamic character because of how she developed herself while changing the lives of others.
The characters in the movie merge together due to their anger over the social injustices and leadership qualities. It is the social in justices that make these women come together to expose the truths of the treatment of colored maids. The colored women in this novel fight for each other as they fight for social justice. The maids all willingly risk their lives for Skeeter in order to create racial equality. Skeeter makes the brave decision to write and discuss a topic that no one dares to speak about because it goes against the social norms of the South during this time period. Minny and Aibileen put their lives at risk by helping Skeeter with her novel but they do this in hopes of lessening the strong sense of racism within the white community.
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