The Civil Injunction Process Essay

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Running head: THE CIVIL INJUNCTION PROCESS The Civil Injunction Process STUDENT’S NAME PROFESSOR’S NAME The Civil Injunction Process The following scenario presents key players in any law enforcement agency, possible dialogs, inter-agency politics, and concerns when change is proposed. The facts come from an actual experience in Redondo Beach, California. This study is about using the "Civil Injunction Process" against street gangs. I believe that the North Side Protectors gang was allowed to continue with their roles and delinquency in the community of Rio Sellas for so long because the Police Department didn’t file a civil injunction order against the gang members sooner. In the past the police department didn’t put their…show more content…
They would also get a law order to protect the entire city against the gangs in the city. With this tempo getting started and showing positive results the Police Department was able to request other agencies to get involved where needed. Like for instance the task force that maintained surveillance with provided and eye on these gang members and created reports that would help the police department know of all activities of these gangs that would result in future sting operations and raids. This temporary restraining order is often also called an exparte restraining order because it is assigned in a hearing that is held without the defendant being given the opportunity to present his case. The Temporary Restraining Order can give the gang a rapid pause on their situational awareness. They will soon understand that they will not be able to operate as they have been in the past. Whether they find a way around the order sanction by the Justice Department to continue doing their crimes in the communities or they will most likely move to another city that they don’t have to deal with the Law enforcements and the orders that have been applied in the community they are living I While using a Temporary Restraining Order you can receive resistance from the gang members or close family, or their lawyers saying that their rights are being violated.

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