The Civil Of Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering is more than buildings and bridges. They also design airplanes and pipeline systems under large cities. Civil engineering is a very large field you can do almost anything with.” Civil engineers are responsible for planning and creating building projects, such as water systems, tunnels, bridges and other public works projects. During the design phases of a project, engineers calculate the load requirements and weather conditions that the completed structure needs to withstand. They then usually consult with the builders to ensure that the Not a lot of people know about civil engineering; civil engineering is the building of bridges, roadways, and buildings; but civil engineering is so much more than that. According to Columbia University which is located in New York, civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline, the old civil engineering discipline or sanitary engineering has evolved into the modern environmental engineering of such significance that most academic departments have changed their names to civil and environmental engineering. Civil engineering has been around since people started building major public works, known a mother engineering. The first private college to tech civil engineering was Norwich University. Civil engineers have a lot of jobs to do a small part is to design and build buildings; bridges. They can also be found in the aerospace industry designing jetliners and space stations, the automotive industry,…

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