The Civil Revolution Of Iran

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I was born in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. When I was born in 1980, was exactly one year after the revolution in my country. I was one year old, when the war between my country and the neighbor country, Iraq, started. The war continued about 8 years and I remembered the school days that were along with fear and horror. Mostly, we had to stay at home and study alone instead of going to school. I was a child but I remember those days very well, we had war with external enemy as well as internal protest and suppression. Immediately after the Revolution, Iranian women lost the rights they had in comparison to the pre-revolutionary days. The legal rights given to women such as the right of being equal with men, as well as other laws in…show more content…
Many of my classmates were thinking to get married after finishing high school. Even in some cases they didn’t have the chance to finish high school and they got married due to the family pressure. Yet my mother was a strong woman who frequently told me I could do anything I wanted to do, and I liked to listen to her rather than pay attention to the models in the society. She experienced a lot of discrimination between men and women. I learned from her that women can release themselves of male power structures. During my junior high school years my dad passed away and my mother had to work alone and from that time I learned how to be responsible since I had to stay home alone with my two younger brothers and take good care of them. Although it was a big responsibility, but my mother trusted me and told me that I am mature enough to handle it. I was proud of myself to hear that. All through my years in high school, I could hear from some relatives that I should get married by finishing the school. But my mother always taught me the importance of education and I definitely wanted to be a small fish in a big pond for a change. I studied hard to be accepted in one of the best public universities in my hometown in nursing as it was my dream to be a nurse. At age of 19 I entered to the nursing school. Although, women communities were working hard to regain
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