The Civil Right Movement : History

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The Civil Right Movement History can be absurd and sometimes can illustrate great accomplishment by great people. Why history is so important and significant to today’s society? It is something that people require to know about the pass and not remaking those same type of mistake again. Hence, history helps the world to understand changes and how the past causes the present to be the way it is in today’s society. Though the United States became a country with a rich foundation and great accomplishment that is well recognized around the world, but there is the dark and heartless side of it. For Instance, the Civil Rights Movement Is one of the good example that was viewed very negative by the worldwide. There was so many discriminations and harsh commitment toward American America. Even though African American gain freedom for being slave, equality was not granted by the white people. Essentially, the Civil Rights Movement was an important time during the 1950’s and 1960’s that helps eliminated segregation and gain equal rights for all African American citizens. Many leaders such as Martin Luther King, Rosa parks, Malcom X, and Andrew Goodman put themselves at risk. Their effort and commitment ended the discrimination against black African Americans, and finally gain freedom and equality. To begin with, the Jim Crow was a system of segregation and discrimination against black African Americans, which restricted equal right as white Americans. “Jim Crow the segregation of
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