The Civil Rights Act Of The United States

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Immigrant defined as a process of leaving one’s home country to settle in a new one. Immigration is a large group or number of immigrants. Some other words that are also known as immigrants are an outsider, settler, alien, newcomer, and foreigners. People often get legal and illegal immigrants confused on which one mean which. Legal is newcomers who have entered a country by law. Illegal is forbidden by law or statute. Emigrant is a person who emigrates from his or her native country or region. Personally, legal outsiders need to stay here while illegal outsiders should go back to the country they came from. First, immigration is a topic that has been around for centuries. Over the age of time, many influences have encouraged modification…show more content…
According to “Immigration Policy on Issues and Controversies,” some say that is best to build a wall the border of the U.S. and Mexican and preventing homesteading to protect the U.S. Some that oppose to having the stricter measure to limit illegal homesteading is they do not harm the United States. Also, immigration and immigrants helped build the U.S, outsiders benefit the economy, and that this is un-American (1). Notwithstanding, immigrants are taking people’s jobs. People who are skilled or trained in a certain occupation have decreased, while the unskilled or untrained have increased over time because of illegal immigrants (Houle 75). Most businesses hire outsiders because they work for less money. Americans who have lower wages have to compete with settlers who work for low earnings for jobs (History). While Americans complain about how they should get paid better. Most Americans think that if they go on strike, their boss to get the point and give them a raise, but in the end, their boss can go and hire someone else or even an outsider and pay a lot less. Nevertheless, state immigration law that happened over the last couple of years. According to State Immigration Law, Alabama is the state that has the most illegal immigrants which are roughly around 120,000. Generally, 2.5 percent of Alabama’s residents are illegal Mexicans. A law called HB 56, in
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