The Civil Rights Movement : A Great Deal Of Thought And Realization

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With this question, comes a great deal of thought and realization. Thinking about how throughout most of our lives we were taught only what was shown on the surface of the Civil Rights Movement and how great of a success it was and all the accomplishments, unfortunately that was only half of the story. You know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” well that same logic could be used in this situation as well; the cover being what we are taught in our history classes growing up, but the actual story behind that cover is what is left out, and the harmful truth that teachers seem to leave out of the history lesson. I’m not saying there was no success what so ever during the Civil Rights Movement but there was a lot of failures as well, so in my opinion the Civil Rights Movement was neither a success or failure but a combination between the two. If we are to discuss the Civil Rights Movement as a whole we must first get to the beginning of the movement. When it comes to the topic of the Civil Rights Movement, there’s always different views and some conflicts, one being when exactly the movement started. As mentioned briefly before in my last paper, this movement could be considered a butterfly effect; everything matters, no matter how small of a detail it may seem, that one small detail could be the factor that changed everything. With that being said some people believe that the movement started when “slavery was abolished in1865 by the 13th amendment” (Lecture 2,
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