The Civil Rights Movement And Segregation

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This world would not be what it is today without the amazing people who fought for what it has become.We used to live in a world of segregation and discrimination. If it wasn 't for the…show more content…
Without the accomplishments made from this amazing movement and the people that participated in it the country would not be what it is today.
The events that started the civil rights movement were very peaceful. People who were for the civil rights movement almost never used force.One way the people made accomplishments during the civil right movement was by sit ins. A group of college students attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College go to a town by the name of Woolworth in North Carolina.These men were denied service until they moved but this did not stop them. The men pridefully sat at the restaurant counter until closing. This event was unsuccessful but it did start the act of sit ins to protest during the civil rights movement. Sit ins became more and more successful after time when more and more people started participating. Students put together a whole systems for the sit ins so they stayed non-violent. By august of 1961 there was over 70,000 participants in the sit ins. Sit ins made a great impact on the civil rights movement. According to Louis Lomax a journalist,"They were proof that the Negro leadership class, epitomized by the
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