The Civil Rights Movement, And Star Trek

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When Star Trek came on the air in 1966, it presented a future where people were not limited by the color of their skin or their gender. Gene Roddenberry’s fictional universe showed the possibilities that existed where humans could get past the issues that were prevalent in the 1960s. Through the allegory that Star Trek used, the audience was able to view current and pressing issues, race and gender, through the medium of television. The civil rights movement and the feminist movement both began in the 1960s, and Star Trek reflected the issues and gave a setting for people to discuss them through the use of metaphor. The events during and after WWII had an effect upon the civil rights movement that occurred in the 1960s. African Americans moved from the rural areas into cities to fill jobs in the war industry due to a labor shortage. This was important because in concentrated a large number of African Americans into the cities where the civil rights movement would begin. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms speech listed the objectives that they were going to fight to protect which were the freedoms of speech, worship freedom from want and from fear. These freedoms had African Americans thinking about their rights as citizens and how they did not enjoy the same freedoms as white people. This opened a dialogue among black people about the lack of democracy in the United States. This led to black leaders threatening a labor protest which would be held in the

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