The Civil Rights Movement : Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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As described in the text by Keith and Lundberg rhetoric is mostly about the "Skill in using language effectively and persuasively" (Keith & Lundberg 3) whereas "the logos of a speech is its logic; that is the arguments it makes" (Keith & Lundberg 36). In a London speech that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered to the Christian Action Group on December 7, 1964, he discusses the positive gains that have been achieved by the civil rights movement. In this speech King provided his audience with several facts on how the people have came a long way from where they began and that the civil rights movement has made a great progress in its struggle for equal treatment under the law. In King 's speech, he begins by claiming that they have come a long way from where they began. As he starts to speak about the growth of the Negro community he states, "Now let us notice first that we 've come a long, long way. And I would like to say this point that the Negro himself has come a long, long way in reevaluating his own intrinsic worth" (King). Through these word King implies that they have come a long way in which they have learned their own worth in this world. King is arguing that because of the civil rights movement they have achieved a lot although they have had many ups and downs during this time period. In short, King convinces his audience to believe that they have come a long way and that the end results of this was worth the struggle. King then begins off by giving facts about
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