The Civil Rights Movement: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Civil Rights are the rights of all people regardless of the color of their skin, religious affiliation, or gender. These are the rights guaranteed by the state, more specifically the federal, focal and state governments. The struggle to achieve civil rights for all people has been a long and tumultuous journey. Many took a stand to help progress the fight for equal rights regardless of who one was. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr himself was a preacher and civil rights activist who spearheaded the Civil Rights movement. Malcolm X, was a noted figure in the Civil Rights movement as a whole, pursuing his mission for his God, Allah. He and Martin Luther King Jr. fought the same fight as yin and yang. Although their methods differed, they both made significant…show more content…
Out of the negotiations held then, the merchants promised to remove the signs that were racially abusive to the African Americans. Nonetheless, as time passed, there were minimal or no signs of complying with the previous agreement. The African American community went to the next step dubbed self-purification. This process involved a series of workshops that promoted non-violence (Wallace, 1964). Though in due time the process promoted non-violence, George Wallace was not a man who supported the non-violent fight. In fact, one could come to the conclusion that he leaned more to the mindset of Malcolm X. “This freedom was not a gift. It was won by work, by sweat, by tears, by war, by whatever it took to be— and to remain free” (Wallace, 1964). This quote from George Wallace himself tells us that he was a man who sought to use whatever means necessary to maintain freedom for himself and…show more content…
Education is an important step for moving forward in any situation, but it could be said that it is extremely important in the fight for Civil Rights. The right to receive a quality education is something minorities have fought for and something they still continue to fight for today. The fact that so many leaders in the fight for Civil Rights had an education is a testament to how important it is. An education gave the Civil Rights leaders insight into their situations and information about others who fought for freedom before them. An education can show a number of methods to reach the goals that are worth fighting
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