The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The 1960’s were a time of freedom, deliverance, developing and molding for African-American people all over the United States. The Civil Rights Movement consisted of black people in the south fighting for equal rights. Although, years earlier by law Africans were considered free from slavery but that wasn’t enough they wanted to be treated equal as well. Many black people were fed up with the segregation laws such as giving up their seats on a public bus to a white woman, man, or child. They didn’t want separate bathrooms and water fountains and they wanted to be able to eat in a restaurant and sit wherever they wanted to and be served just like any other person.

During the Civil Rights Movement a lot of the white people who wanted
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This site was created by Charles Moore, a freelance photographer who seemed to always be at the right place at the right time. All of the pictures on this web site were taken by Charles Moore who was especially found of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and what he stood for. There are pictures from the freedom march of 1963 and the Selma March of 1965. Pictures here show Dr. King marching non-violently with both black and white supporters. There is a picture of Andrew Young leading marchers through Selma in prayer. Governor George Wallace was against the Marches and wanted to stop them no matter what, but later he apologized for his segregationist views and actions during the 1960’s. During the march a picture was taken of police beating marchers with billy clubs. Another section on this page is voter’s registration, they showed black people explaining how to vote to other blacks. People like Medger Evers who was fighting for the right to vote was shot down in his drive way as he was coming home from work one night because of what he believed.

This page is formed so people can understand through the art of photography that human beings had to go though a lot to be treated equal. This page is very effective in getting the message across because of the graphic nature and up close (realness) of the pictures. When looking at the pictures used to tell the story in this site you can’t help but
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